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SEO & Online Marketing

Online Presence Management

Your best value.  We identify where your business needs to be online to generate the most revenue based on your budget; then we make you visible, appealing, & effective on those channels.
    • You are a business and you aren’t sure if you need SEO, Social Media Marketing, Local Search, a combination of them, or even other services.    
    • You are looking for someone to know where your specific type of business needs to be online to generate the most revenue, and then place you there, and then make you effective on those channels. 
    • You most likely don’t have a marketing team and need it handled for you, or you have a staff that can handle a couple items, but need help with the heavy lifting.  
    • We combine all of our services and wrap them all together into one powerhouse for our best-valued plan.
    • You could have a physical location, or only exist online, sell products, services, or other, and want or need everything, your entire online presence managed in one place.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your rankings and  visibility in search engines such as Google & Bing with SEO so that your potential customers can easily find your business and purchase your products or services.
  • You have a website and you sell products or services online or use your website to get leads for your business and you want to increase the visibility of your website in search engines like Google & Bing to bring more traffic.  

Local Search

Make it simple for your potential customers to find you on Google, Bing, Apple, Yelp, & more in local business directory search results, making it easy for them to purchase your products or services.  
  • Your business has a physical location and you want to increase walk-in business, phone calls, and website visits by increasing your visibility on local business directories like Yelp, Google Local Results, Bing Local Results, Yellow Pages, & more.  

Pay Per Click Advertising

Display your ads on Google & Bing through targeted & effective pay per click advertising. Convey your brand message & value through skilled sales copy that converts.
  • You have a website and sell products or services on it.  You want to run search engine advertisements on Google & Bing to drive traffic to the website to sell your product or service.  You have a budget to do this monthly, but you want someone to professionally write the sales copy of the ads and run and manage the campaigns monthly.  

Social Media Advertising

Reach, engage, & convert your potential customers through advertising on profitable social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & more. 
  • You have social media accounts setup for your business, or you want them setup for you.  Then, you want to advertise to your target customer on the social media channels where you are most likely to reach your target customer.  You have a monthly advertising budget, but you need someone to write professional sales copy for the ads and create the imagery, and then run and manage the ad campaigns monthly for you and report on results. 

YouTube Marketing

Rank your videos and sell your products or services by reaching the biggest population of targeted customers on the world’s #2 search engine, YouTube. We make it easy to reach, engage, & convert.
    • You have videos about your business, products or services, or create them regularly.
    • Or, you are a content creator, such as a podcaster, author, affiliate marketer, or influencer. 
    • You may also have online webinar type classes or be in a teaching / instruction niche and want to use your video content to get more leads to sell your courses.
    • You either have a YouTube channel or want help creating one.  
    • Then, you want your videos to be uploaded, posted and for them to rank high in YouTube’s search engine so your target customers can find them.  
    • You want help growing your subscriber list, improving watch time, increasing the number of video watches, and more.  You may also want help running YouTube advertisements for your videos and products in front of other people’s videos.  

Email Marketing

Keep your brand in front of your customers and help them make a purchase through email marketing.  Email your blog posts, special events, newsletters, special coupon offers, & much more.
  • You have an email marketing list or want to create one, or several.  You want help sending newsletters to your list, blog posts, driving them to your website or to call you to make a purchase, to send your coupons and promotions to them, to announce product launches to them, and much more.  

ECommerce / Amazon

ECommerce Website Design

Grow your revenue by making your products or services available to your customers 24/7 by selling online through your own ECommerce website

  • You want a website that can sell products or services online & collect payments.  You want a fast, beautiful, eCommerce website that looks perfect on mobile devices and will inspire visitors to take action and make a purchase.  

ECommerce Website Management

We manage & maintain your ECommerce Website, keeping it up, updated, secure, & selling.  We also provide feedback to help you grow your sales.

  • You want someone to manage your eCommerce website monthly, making sure your website is up, updated, secure, & selling.  This involves updating the website, updating the plugins, and security.  You also want reports monthly on website traffic and recommendations on improvements when necessary.  

Conversion Rate Optimization

Spend less & sell more. We significantly optimize your product listings, sales funnel, website, Amazon, eCommerce, & much more to sell more effectively.

    • You sell products or services on your website, have product listings on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. or an online sales funnel that isn’t performing how you want it to.  
    • You realize there are many contributing factors such as the design & speed of your website, copy & images of product listings, how you appear in search engines, how you appear in local business directories, marketplaces, and more.  
    • You want someone to analyze why things aren’t working and fix all of the elements; making your website, product listings, and / or sales funnel sell effectively.

ECommerce Consulting

Grow or start your eCommerce business with interim leadership: eCommerce Websites, Marketplaces, Sales Funnels, Traffic Acquisition, & more. 

  • You have or want to start an eCommerce business and sell your products or services online.  You and your team can implement action items, but you need advice, strategy, and planning month to month to prevent costly time and capital resource drains due to learning curve.   Selling online may not be your area of expertise, but your product or service is. 

Amazon Management

We set you up to sell products on Amazon & help you grow your sales month to month. We setup, train, & manage Merchant Fulfilled & Fulfilled By Amazon.
  • You have physical products that you want to sell on the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon.  You want the products listed and managed monthly, with reporting, and recommendations on how to sell more effectively on Amazon.  

Amazon Consulting

Grow or start your Amazon business through interim leadership focused on Amazon FBA, Merchant Fulfillment, Prime, Reviews, Traffic Acquisition, & More. 
  • You want to grow and maximize your revenue on Amazon.  You currently have or want to start an Amazon business by selling your products on Amazon.  You have a team that can execute on action items, and you want monthly strategy, advice, direction, & recommendations on how to grow your Amazon business. 

Amazon Private Label

We make it easy to source, sell, & market your very own private label products on Amazon.  Get up & selling your own product line, brand, & more in no time.
  • You want to source and sell your own brand of products on Amazon.  You want to find non-competetive niche’s that you can enter cost effectively, establish a brand, and sell products, while scaling and growing your business; including new products.  Private labeling is taking products that already exist from manufacturers, giving them your own branding and personal touch, and selling them as your own brand on Amazon and elsewhere.  

Web & App Development

Mobile App Development

With over 200+ app development projects, we specialize in developing mobile applications, mobile games, web applications & more for almost any industry.
  • You or your business has an idea for a mobile app but you need a team of developers to develop the mobile application for you as you or your company do not have mobile developers on staff.  

Website Design

We design websites that turn leads into customers by conveying your value to your potential customers in a way that inspires them to take action by calling, clicking, or coming in.
  • You want a website that can collect leads, inspire users to call you, submit a contact form, submit their email address, display a menu, or get customers to come to your business location.  You want to display your business beautifully & effectively.  NOTE: If you are looking to SELL and collect payments through your website see eCommerce website design.

Website Management

We ensure your site is managed, & updated by plugging security holes, updating & upgrading plugins, fixing broken links & functionality monthly reports, training, & more.
  • You want someone to manage your website for you monthly.  That means updating the site, updating the plugins, keeping the site secure, and making sure it does it’s job, without issue.  You want monthly reports on website traffic and suggestions on how to improve if needed.  

Invention Help & Marketing

Invention Help & Marketing

Easily bring your idea to life & to the market. We help turn your idea into a successful business through invention marketing, business modeling, selling your product online, & more.
  • You’ve invented a product or are in the process of doing so.  You want to have the most effective product launch possible or begin ramping up the marketing of your invention.  You want to sell and market your invention online, make a great impression to retail buyers, and be visible and appealing in all the places people will want to find your invention such as search engines, marketplaces, social media, Amazon, and more.  


Small Business Funding

We can help fund your small business, guide, & support you to get where you want to go. We’re small business investors who are entrepreneurs just like you.
  • You currently have or are looking to start a small business, either online, a brick and mortar store, or mobile application or software.  You are looking for capital to get to the next level or get started.  You are also looking for a partnership with an investor that can help you get where you want to go.  

Invention Investors

We can help fund your invention, guide, & support you to get you where you want to go. We’re invention investors who are entrepreneurs just like you, here to help you with your invention.
  • You want to invent a product and need capital for the prototype, patent, and inventory.  OR, you have already invented the product and went through the process, but now you have the prototype and maybe some inventory, but need capital to get to the next level.  You are also looking for a partnership with an investor that can help you get where you want to go.  



Need some help?  Not sure what you need to generate the most revenue online?  Give us a call and we’ll discuss your budget and your goals.  Then, we’ll identify the services and channels online that will be the most effective at generating profit and we’ll put together a custom plan that will accomplish your goals.   


The best value for your business.  We identify where your business needs to be online to generate the most revenue based on your budget.  Online Presence Management includes:  SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, ECommerce, Social Media, Local Search, Email, Mobile, Reputation Management, & More.  


Take Control of Where & How Your Customers See You Online

Your customers don’t just view your website to make a purchasing decision.  They look at the search engines, your local listings, reviews, your social media presence, apps you appear on, & more.  Customers  also look at your competitors.    We work with you to make sure ALL areas of your online presence are effective and most importantly, generating revenue

We work with you to make sure your customers can find you and that all areas of your online presence are effective at generating revenue.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or inventor, you know the importance of getting the biggest return on your investment while accomplishing your goals.  We tightly integrate our services into your existing business & sales funnel.

We discuss your goals, then make a strategy to get you there based on your budget.  Then we deploy the targeted OPM services needed to generate the biggest bang for your buck.

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I started Source Approach because I knew there was a better way to provide online marketing services other than ala carte.  We have a unique approach to online presence management (OPM); we think it should integrate with your business, not in a silo.  Our approach is to identify & make you effective on the channels that will generate the most revenue. 

 – Tanner Rankin Founder & C.E.O. Source Approach Inc.

Who’s Taken The Source Approach:

Source Approach has worked extensively with LoTempio Law across a wide range of consulting assignments.  We were so impressed with their expertise, project management skills & enthusiasm that their role has expanded.  Source Approach’s suggestions are like a breath of fresh air. 

 – Vincent LoTempio, Registered Patent Attorney, Kloss Stenger & LoTempio


The Customer Journey

We focus on driving revenue, so it’s our job to know your customer’s journey.  Where they go, what is important to them when making a purchasing decision, and then make your  business visible and irresistible to your potential customer. 

  1. DISCOVER:  How does a customer discover that they need your product or service? (Is it a common item or service?  Do they have to first experience a pain point?  Are you an impulse buy?)

  2. LOCATE: Where do they look to find your product or service?  Where do they WANT to find you?  Where is it CONVENIENT for them to find you?

  3. MEASURE:  How do they measure your value? How do they measure you vs. your competition? (Do they look at reviews, examples of previous work, testimonials, do they need demos?  Do they look at social media?)

  4. PURCHASE:  Where can they make a purchase and how do they want to make a purchase?  (How easy is it for them to make a purchase, are there a lot of steps? Do they want to call you?  Do they want to go to your website?  Maybe on Amazon or another marketplace?  How do they want to pay you?  What’s easiest?)

Not every industry is the same, so it’s our job to know where you need to be to make the biggest impact and get the biggest return on your investment.  Then, place you there, make you visible, appealing, and effective.  

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