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You work 1 on 1 personally with me and not a random agent in a call center with little to no experience.  

As a business owner & tech startup founder, I have experience managing & getting results on a budget.

When you reach out, you’re not talking to a sales rep who earns a commission or a random customer service rep. 

I focus on ROI & profitability since no 2 businesses are the same.  What matters most is what YOU consider success.


<b>Tanner Rankin</b>

Tanner Rankin

As an author, speaker and the founder of The Source Approach,  Tanner Rankin has helped startups, manufacturers, retailers & more succeed in eCommerce & on Amazon for 10 years.

Tanner actually does this stuff.  From Buffalo, New York Tanner has had his own brands & companies in industries spanning consumer goods, SaaS, professional services & more.

Tanner has appeared on Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, MSNBC, Huffington Post and other media outlets, discussing everything from the Customer Journey to Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce, Amazon & More.

Tanner founded Source Approach Inc. for those of us who don’t cut corners, don’t settle for less than the best and believe in doing things right the first time.  The Source Approach is built on a passion and a process that he learned, distilling down what makes businesses successful from years of running his own businesses & helping others do the same.  It’s a method or “approach” he calls “The Source Approach“.


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Together We’ll Transform Your eCommerce Presence To Get Customers From Search Engines, Social Media, Email & More

  • Drive more profit per purchase from PPC & Product Listing Ads
  • Increase brand credibility & following on Social Media with content marketing
  • Ethically take your competitors’ customers & get found on search engines
  • Grow revenue from your Email List, Facebook Messenger & Website Chat
  • & More
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The Source Approach - We take offline brands online & online brands to the next level. We help you get customers online & help you sell. 10+ years experience. Seen on Forbes, Entrepreneur & more. Amazon Consultant, eCommerce Consultant, SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant, Social Media Consultant & more 716-616-0136

Supercharge Your Sales Process By Focusing on User Experience, Creating Irresistible Upsells, Cross-Sells & More

  • Significantly boost your conversion rates
  • Drastically reduce cart abandonment
  • Drive customer spend per purchase
  • Limit customer returns, buyer risk & buyer remorse
  • & More

Receive eCommerce Strategy & Support For Top Line & Bottom Line Growth

  • Select the best eCommerce platform & sales channels 
  • Get control of shipping
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Forge affiliate, drop shipper & online retail relationships 
  • & More
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Phone Calls

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Screen Sharing



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File Sharing

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Video Calls

48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. – Entrepreneur.com

94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website. – Entrepreneur.com

90% of people only look at the 1stpage of Google results. – DIYBlogger

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate vs. print at a 1.7% close rate. – Search Engine Journal


 Starting a business can quickly become overwhelming, but with the help of Tanner Rankin I am able to conquer that feeling. I am currently working with Tanner on an invention called Handy Apple. Whenever I have a question or concern Tanner is quick to respond and always provides me with a clear direction on the next steps that I need to take. You can truly tell that he loves what he does. I am so happy that I am working with Source Approach on my business venture. Source Approach has definitely set my business up for success! 

 – Megan Morici, Co-Founder, Handy Apple

Source Approach has worked extensively with Kloss, Stenger & LoTempio across a wide range of consulting assignments.  We were so impressed with their expertise, project management skills & enthusiasm that their role has expanded.  Source Approach’s suggestions are like a breath of fresh air. 

 – Vincent LoTempio, Registered Patent Attorney, Kloss Stenger & LoTempio

Source Approach CEO Tanner Rankin personifies effort, integrity, and savvy. When you work with Tanner and Source Approach, you get the benefit not only of expertise, but of something else whose value is immeasurable: insight.  Tanner thinks of what you will not. Source Approach is a winner, and I am grateful for the help Tanner’s company is providing to all my endeavors. 

 – Mason Winfield, Author & Owner Haunted History Ghost Walks, Spirit Way Project

Source Approach, created a fabulous website for me, highly user friendly and patiently taught me how to work with it. But it didn’t end there. He continues to coach me in ways to create more business, attract more on-line attention, nudge me to blog and use social media—all showing that he actually cares that my business does well. I feel like I am in great hands with a highly skilled person and company who takes my business and its growth seriously. 

 – Brooke Becker, Owner Chi Longevity Center

Source Approach built me an eCommerce website that I am truly happy with. Tanner took the time to understand the particular complexities of my industry and worked to find solutions that met my needs. His attention to detail and understanding of SEO strategy has resulted in improved customer experience on my site. I would definitely use Source Approach again for my eCommerce and online strategy needs. 

 – Timothy Delaney, Owner Elma Wine & Liquor

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Need Quick Advice?


I schedule daily calls to answer your questions using a convenient service where you only pay per minute.

Top Rated Buffalo The Source Approach


What does an eCommerce Agency / eCommerce Consultant do?

  • With eCommerce Consulting we provide strategy, resources, systems & reporting to you and / or your team to sell your products or services online.
    • We create a Sales Funnel that skyrockets revenue
    • We tell you where competitors are getting customers
    • We help you ethically take your competitors customers
    • We focus on decreasing your customer acquisition costs
    • & More

Who Needs an eCommerce Consultant?

  • You want help starting or growing your online store, marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart.com, etc.
  • You KNOW your product, but you don’t know online sales.  You want help selling your product, service, SaaS etc. online and creating recurring passive revenue.
  • You or your team are able to execute on the strategy we provide.

What Does an Amazon Agency / Amazon Consultant Do?

  • As an Amazon Consultant, we work with you to help you start & grow your Amazon business.
  • We work with brands looking to start selling on Amazon.
  • We work with brands currently selling on Amazon.
  • We work with you on everything Amazon related:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • MAP Brand Protection
    • Increasing Reviews
    • Amazon SEO
    • Amazon FBA
    • Amazon Seller Central
    • Amazon Vendor Central
    • & More

Who Needs an Amazon Consultant?

  • Everyone who sells on Amazon or wants to.
  • Brands
  • Manufacturers
  • Retail stores
  • Private Labelers
  • & More

What does a Digital Marketing Agency / Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

  • Digital Marketing Consulting encompasses your entire online presence and sales funnel.  We work with you to get customers online from Search Engines, Social Media, Affiliates, Influencers, YouTube, Your Email List, Your Website & more.

Who Needs a Digital Marketing Consultant?

  • You want help bringing it all together to get customers online.
  • Everyone.
    • You may have an online store.
    • You may sell on Amazon.
    • You may have a brick & mortar retail store. (Shops, Restaurants, etc.)
    • You may have a brick & mortar presence and sell services.  (Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, etc.)
  • You realize you can and SHOULD BE getting customers from SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video (YouTube, Facebook Watch, etc.), Your Website & more, but aren’t sure how they all connect and feed into one another to facilitate a sale.

What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

  • With SEO Consulting / Search Engine Optimization Consulting we provide strategy, resources, systems & reporting to you and / or your team to increase your visibility and get more customers from search engines.
    • We can tell you EXACTLY where your competitors are getting customers online, then help you do it better.
    • We can tell you EXACTLY how visible your online presence REALLY is and then transform it into an incredibly visible & effective marketing & sales tool.

Who Needs an SEO Consultant?

  • You want help getting more customers from search engines.
  • You or your team are able to execute on the strategy we provide.
  • You realize you can and SHOULD BE getting customers from search engines and want help building a sales funnel that creates:
    • Traffic To Your Website
    • Sales on Your Website
    • Forms Filled Out On Your Website
    • Phone Calls To Your Office / Sales Force
    • Foot Traffic To Your Door

Do You Guarantee Results?

  • We firmly believe in the quality of the product we deliver, but we do not guarantee results. 

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

  • eCommerce / selling online / getting customers online is all about you get what you put into it.  You will see results depending on how aggressively you pursue them.  Those who commit & execute reap the benefits.   

How Do You Measure Success?

  • The first thing we do on any project is to discover & analyze.  We set goals that matter most to your company RIGHT AWAY as well as KPI’s (key performance indicators).  Each project is different and the definition of success is different from industry to industry, but in a general sense: revenue, profitability, brand visibility, churn, lifetime revenue per customer, etc. 

Why is Price Not Listed?

  • No two projects are the same.  There are single product companies and there are multiple thousand SKU companies.  There are highly competitive industries and there are industries where you are the only player in the space and it doesn’t require as many resources to gain visibility & traction.  We give you above & beyond service that is tailored to YOU, to meet & exceed YOUR goals within YOUR budget.  

Did You Know?

  • More than 80% of the online population has used the Internet to make a purchase. – Invesp
  • 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores. – Founderu
  • 50% of the online population have purchased more than once from the same eCommerce retailer. – Invesp
  • Nearly 1 in 4 eCommerce shoppers shop online at least once a week. – Invesp
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