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What’s the Source Approach?

Over a decade ago, I had just started as CMO at a brick & mortar-focused brand just getting into eCommerce and I faced a problem most businesses have.

The CEO was working with Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Agencies to sell online. 

The sales weren’t there and it took too long to see any results.

The CEO’s expectation was:  “We know our product, but we don’t know eCommerce, so you do what you know for us.”

The reality: They may specialize in SEO, PPC, Amazon, Walmart, etc. but they don’t specialize in anyone’s products. 

This means they take 3 months to learn and apply cookie-cutter best practices resulting in poor sales and a bad customer experience.

That creates a BIG problem because the #1 rule of sales & marketing is: to know your product and customer.

The other problem was, we were small and HAD to work with independent contractors.

So, I HAD to make it work.

Enter The Source Approach.

I discovered that by using “The Source Approach” method you can:

  • Drive significant sales growth on a budget.
  • Get results fast, eliminating the 3-month ramp-up.
  • Use a proven system to get results from Freelancers, VAs, Agencies & Internal Employees alike.

What to Expect

A Proven System

Get results quicker & easier with a proven method, developed over 10+ years known as The Source Approach.  While eCommerce is complex, the Source Approach is simple, enabling you to get the most out of your business.  

Save Time

Speed up the dreaded “3-month ramp up” and grow faster by benefitting from 10+ years of experience. Gain a key competitive advantage by being able to focus on what matters most to quickly drive revenue and boost profitability.  

Save Money

Prevent the costly mistakes that can last the lifetime of your business, costing you countless dollars, both short and long-term.  Get peace of mind from knowing what you don’t know by being informed on what matters.

A Trusted Advisor

Benefit from a consultant who has been where you want to go and can get you there quicker & easier.  As an owner of a consultancy and a SAAS company, I have significant experience managing people, projects & budgets. 

Tanner Rankin Founder, Consultant, Author, Speaker

For over 10 years as an author, speaker, Fractional CMO & founder of The Source Approach – eCommerce Consultancy and CEO at Referazon – Amazon Influencer Marketing Software, Tanner has helped brands make eCommerce their strength quicker & easier with an award-winning, proven system called “The Source Approach”.

Tanner is a top-rated eCommerce Consultant, Amazon Consultant & Walmart Seller Consultant seen on: Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Business Journals & more. Tanner is an Amazon Keynote Speaker and eCommerce Speaker who shares actionable and engaging insight on the topic of eCommerce. 

Tanner has authored SEO For Everyone and Social Media Marketing For Everyone.

Tanner Rankin - Author Speaker CEO Founder - The Source Approach

How We Work Together

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Video Calls

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Project Management





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Team Chat

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File Sharing

Take The Source Approach If:

Results - Take The Source Approach If - Icons - The Source Approach - Amazon Consultant

You use agencies, freelancers or VA’s but it’s not working.  You want a proven system to get results quickly & easily.

You may be fed up with being out of the loop and not hitting your goals but you know with a proven system and leadership, you can achieve significant success with your freelancers, internals or agency.

Roadmap - Take The Source Approach If - Icons - The Source Approach - Amazon Consultant

You have junior-level employees but it’s not working and you need proven training & leadership to get results.

You want results fast from your existing team by working with an experienced consultant with a proven system that will handhold and teach them how to fish to contribute value now and long term.

ID - Take The Source Approach If - Icons - The Source Approach - Amazon Consultant

You’d love to hire an experienced and proven eCommerce Director but don’t have the $200,000+ annual salary.

You know your customer & product but eCommerce not as well. You want to work with a proven Consultant at a fraction of the investment to get the most out of your team or 3rd party agency.


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Book a call to solve problems quicker & easier.

Sebastiaan Vaz - Testimonial - The Source Approach


“Tanner absolutely over-delivered during our call. I’m usually quite skeptical of marketing experts, but he really knows what he talks about. Book a call, you won’t regret it.”

– Sebastiaan Vaz, CEO – My Moissanite