What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank [GUIDE]

What is a good amazon sales rank? What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank? Here are the 4 elements and game-changing tactics to take down your competitors without hours of research. You're welcome.

What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank 


Amazon Sales Rank is confusing.  It’s up, it’s down, it’s hard to keep track of.  At the same time, having a good Amazon Sales Rank is absolutely crucial for getting your products found on Amazon.  So what is it?

A good Amazon Sales Rank is a lower Amazon Best Sellers Rank number than the best selling direct competitor in your product category at a current time.  

In this article, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what a good Amazon Sales Rank is, how Amazon Sales Rank works and make sure you read to the end where I break down how you can GET a good Amazon Sales Rank QUICKLY.

Here is how I’m going to do it:



The power in fully understanding this?

You don’t need to be an Amazon Consultant to see you can use that information to get more sales on Amazon and increase your Amazon Rank.

That’s what we’re here for right?

Let’s do it…


1. What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank?


Let’s get the terminology out of the way.

You’ve probably heard a bunch of terms & acronyms thrown about like:

  • Amazon Rank
  • Amazon Sales Rank
  • Amazon Best Seller Rank
  • BSR
  • Amazon BSR

They all mean the same thing.   Amazon BSR, or Best Seller Rank measures your sales velocity in comparison to the other products in your Amazon product category.

So what’s a good sales rank on Amazon?

As stated, Amazon Sales Rank / BSR is a metric that tells you where you rank currently in your category vs your competition.

Let’s have a look at a listing for

SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Sport In-Ear IPX 6 Sweatproof Earphones (Super sound quality Bluetooth 4.1, 8 Hours Play Time, Secure Fit Design)-Upgraded Version-Black

Right now, they rank #1 in their categories.

Amazon Best Seller Rank Example - What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank - The Source Approach

That means out of all the products in the 2 categories:

  • Electronics -> Accessories & Supplies -> Telephone Accessories
  • Musical Instruments -> Live Sound & Stage -> Microphones -> Wireless Microphones & Systems -> Wireless Headset Microphones

They are moving the most product and have the best sales velocity.  (Consistent and rapid sales)

I say right now because:

Amazon Sales Rank changes hourly. 


Picture it like a living document, always changing based on the inputs.


More on how Amazon Sales Rank works in section 2.

So what makes it a good Amazon Sales Rank?  


  • The lower the number the better
    • In this instance, this product is literally number 1 so you can’t get better.
  • Your number is lower than your direct competitors
    • This isn’t the case necessarily for indirect competitors


A good Amazon Sales Rank is both simple & complex and can be misunderstood which is the main reason sellers have trouble.

Let’s look at a good Amazon Best Seller Rank in 2 perspectives.

  1. General
  2. Your Product Type

General Amazon Sales Rank Interpretation:


The lower the number the better.  As long as the number you see next to your Amazon Best Seller Rank is not in the millions and lower than your competition, you’re doing okay.

If you’re tracking it over time and it keeps getting lower as you push your sales velocity with good off Amazon tactics and on Amazon tactics like:

Then you’re in good shape.

Plus, be prudent.  Keep in mind, your competition has the ability to run promotions, coupons, sales, discounts, get reviews, drive off Amazon traffic & more too.  If they’re doing this, then their Amazon Sales Rank will spike.



  • See a spike in your competitors Best Seller Rank?  They are likely running a promotion of some sort.  Look into it.  You may be able to capitalize on it.


Product Type Amazon Sales Rank Interpretation:


What if your Amazon Sales Rank isn’t 1 or 100 or even 1,000?  Does that mean your sales are not where they should be?


Sure it would be awesome to get to #1 in Home and Kitchen like say…

Cascade Complete ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 78 Count

and if you sell Dishwasher Detergent that may be possible because everyone needs it and uses it.


If you sell an item that is still awesome but not everyone uses, like say a…

ORBLUE Flatware Pie Server Stainless Steel Cake Cutter

Then, unfortunately, you may never do the sales velocity and quantities needed to get to an Amazon rank that low.



Because you may be crushing it for pie cutters and pie servers.

In Amazon Rank, it’s about getting your piece of the pie, not the whole thing.

Seriously though, who doesn’t love pie and why isn’t a pie-related item #1?


If you’re moving more product and have a lower Amazon Rank than your competitors, you’re good.


That’s why when clients ask me:

“Is this a good Amazon Sales Rank?”

I respond in kind not with a yes or a no, but with questions like:

“What are your competitors best sellers rank?”

“What is a typical BSR for your widget that you sell?”

Your Amazon sales rank number may be 60,000 in your main category and that may be normal.

Okay, but how exactly does Amazon Sales Rank work?


2. How Amazon Sales Rank Works


You won’t need to be an eCommerce Consultant to get this, I promise.

In What is Amazon Sales Rank I cover this in greater depth, but let me distill it down into 10 components and give you the cliff notes:


How Amazon Best Seller Rank Works in 10 Bite Size Portions:


  1. Amazon Best Seller Rank is calculated by comparing your product sales vs competitor and similar product sales in your product category and sub-category.  (Make sure your product is listed in the correct category.  This is CRUCIAL for Amazon SEO.  SEE:  Amazon SEO – Everything You Need To Know [INFOGRAPHIC]
  2. Amazon Rank is updated hourly by Amazon’s a9 algorithm.  This is for every single product and is updated for everyone to see on the front end of the Amazon site each hour, simply monitor a product throughout the day, stay on a listing, hit refresh and check out the sales rank.
  3. No best selling rank?  That means you’re new but don’t worry.  You will get your first Amazon Sales Rank score typically within a few hours of your first order.  It won’t be great, but it’s a start.
  4. It’s not just about what you do but what you CAN do.  Amazon sales rank is based on calculations of recent sales and also sales you’ve made in the past.  Historical data plays a part in forecasting BSR.
  5. Do you and a competitor have the same or similar products and doing the same amount of sales volume currently but have significantly different Amazon BSR?  Well, keep in mind, historical sales data and forecasting go into the predictive sales rank.
  6. Some products get a good Amazon sales rank right out of the gate.  Amazon’s predictive best seller rank for products that can logically be predicted to sell mass quantities such as a new release Star Wars toy, get the benefit of a low number aka good sales rank right off the bat.
  7. Massive swings in Amazon Sales Rank?  Don’t worry it’s normal.  Due to the staggering number of sales that take place on Amazon each hour in each category, you can see giant gains and losses in BSR hour by hour.
  8. Some products on Amazon are not assigned a BSR.  Obscure child products in grocery or products with very general keyword products.  You will see BSR for these in the parent product.
  9. Get that unicorn order for 500 units and only saw your Amazon Sales Rank spike by a little bit?  Well, Amazon BSR looks at orders and units differently.  If you get 1 order for 500 units, its the same as getting 1 order for 1 unit. They want to make sure you’re spreading the love.
  10. Your conversion rate factors into your BSR.  In other words, how many people visit your product listing vs. how many actually buy.  The better the conversion rate, the better the Amazon rank.


3. How does Amazon Best Sellers Rank Impact Amazon SEO (Product Visibility)


Since Amazon Sales Rank changes multiple times a day and factors in products that have nothing to do with you or your competition, you cannot draw a 1 to 1 correlation between a particular Amazon BSR and good product visibility (Amazon SEO) in Amazon product search results.

So, therefore, you cannot say:  “If I hit this target sales rank number, then I will see x% increase in my search rankings.”  — Sorry, no it doesn’t work that way.

That being said, Amazon DOES use BSR (Best Seller Rank) in it’s a9 algorithm to determine if a product should appear prominently in product search results.


Let me explain…


Amazon’s number 1 reason behind ranking a product prominently is a prediction on if the product will generate ROI for Amazon or not.



If Amazon thinks your product will sell AND keep people coming back to Amazon, then it will show it more prominently.

Furthermore, Amazon Sales Rank is also used in the predictive algorithm I mentioned above to determine if Amazon thinks you are going to move product or not, considering past sales, product listing fidelity & more to make a forecast.

In Amazon SEO:  Everything You Need To Know [INFOGRAPHIC] I have Amazon BSR as the #1 out of 25 Amazon SEO ranking factors.

So what is my actionable takeaway here?

Free Amazon Audit - Learn How To Sell More - Amazon Consultant - The Source Approach

Focus on Sales Velocity & Consistency


You want to make sure you’re not relying on one marketing or sales mechanism to drive sales on Amazon.  That won’t be enough to keep consistent sales.

If you consistently have a good best seller rank based on your competition and product category then Amazon will show your products higher.

So what do you do?

Focus on:



Your competitors are.  How can you tell?

Let’s talk about that…


4.How To Track Amazon Sales Rank VS. Your Competition

Since Amazon Best Seller Rank fluctuates wildly hour by hour, you cannot use it as a benchmark to measure where you stand.

The only caveat here is if you are constantly at the bottom with a very high number, then you know you could and should be doing better.

But here is how you should measure and track it.

I mentioned earlier in the PRO TIP that you can use Amazon Sales Rank to spy on your competitors’ moves.

Here is how:

Amazon Consulting - The Source Approach

How To Track Your Competitors Sales Rank Over Time To Uncover When They’re Doing Promotions On & Off Amazon:


  1. Select a few direct competitors.  Not indirect.
  2. AMZ Tracker is the tool I use to track my and my competitors BSR over time.  I should note: it tracks a lot more than that!  Keyword rankings, sales volume & more!
  3. Start tracking their BSR over 6 months to a year.
  4. Monitor for spikes.


When they spike and sustain a spike, check their listings, website, social media, even secret shop them to get on their email list.

Log into an Incognito Chrome browser and go on Amazon and enter the keywords that are relevant for your and your competitors’ products.  Are they advertising heavily?

Did they lower their price significantly?

You will find they are doing something to drive their sales and you may be able to do the same and ethically take their customers.

But, why did I say not indirect competitors?

Well, the product categories and subcategories may be wildly different and indirect competitors are often alternatives and not competition.

What do I mean by that?

  • Let’s say you bump your head and need an ice pack.  You could grab your:
  • Or, you could:
    • Go to the kitchen, grab a dish rag, open the freezer, dump some ice into it, and throw it on your boo boo.
  • Ice in a dish rag isn’t a complex gel hot and cold solution, but it accomplishes nearly the same thing.  Therefore, it’s indirect.
  • You don’t want to track your TheraPearl product and also dish clothes on Amazon.  Too much of a divide and the data would be too skewed.

In Summary:  What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank?


  • A good Amazon Best Seller Rank depends on “good” for your product category, your niche and on what your competitors are doing.
  • Amazon Rank is a metric that you track vs. a competitor over time to identify areas of opportunity.
  • The lower the number the better.
  • Amazon BSR plays a big part in Amazon SEO.
  • Amazon Sales Rank depends greatly on sales velocity, sales consistency and predicting future sales.


Need help with anything you’ve read here?

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