We Increase The Net Worth of Your Spa By Getting You More Clients, Adding More Revenue Streams, Increasing Profitability & Adding Value

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How We Grow Your Client List, Add Additional Revenue Streams & Get More Revenue Per Client:  

Spa Web Design:

We will design you a website specific to the Spa industry meant to attract & convert clients that is also easy to use for you & visitors.

Spa Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO:

We help you appear above competitors on Google, Yelp & more.  We also help get positive reviews & prevent negative reviews.

Spa Sales Strategy:

We build valuable packages, upsells & cross-sells to add revenue streams, generate more revenue per client as well as recurring revenue every month.

Spa Social Media Strategy:

We’ll save you time & energy on social media, focusing on the bottom line, getting more clients, creating loyal repeat clients & brand differentiation. 

48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. –

94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website. –

90% of people only look at the 1stpage of Google results. – DIYBlogger

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate vs. print at a 1.7% close rate. – Search Engine Journal

The Source Approach - Spa Website Design


  • Fully Customized With Your Branding & Services

  • Designed To Turn Visitors Into Customers

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • Loads Fast & Is Easy To Use For You & Your Clients

  • We Make Sure Your Website Is Up, Updated, Secure & Selling Every Month

Need a custom website design just for your Spa?  No problem.


  • Get More Clients From Google, Yelp & More

  • Show Up Ahead of Your Competitors on Google, Yelp & More

  • We List Your Spa on ALL Major Local Business Listing Directories & Ensure Accuracy of Name, Address & Phone

  • We Help Get More Positive Reviews

  • We Help Prevent Negative Reviews

The Source Approach - Spa SEO Strategy
The Source Approach - Spa Sales Strategy


  • Build Monthly Recurring Revenue Packages

  • Increase The Lifetime Revenue Per Client

  • Build In Cross-Sells & Up-Sells To Your Daily Routine, Email Marketing Efforts, Social Media, Website & More

  • Build Out an Effective Sales Funnel That Draws Customers To Your Spa 

  • Create Value Ladders That Make It Easier To Sell Your Big Ticket Items


  • We Help You Get Customers & Differentiate Your Brand On Social Media

  • We Tell You What Time To Post

  • We Tell You Where To Post

  • We Tell You What Hashtags To Use & What Content To Share

  • We Help You Turn Social Media Engagement Into Sales

The Source Approach - Spa Social Media Strategy


We First Understand Your Business

We Then Understand Your Customer

Next We Understand Your Competition

Then We Get More Sales, Increase Profits & Add Revenue Streams

Would you agree, that you wish you had more time to spend on your Spa and not competing with Hoel Spa’s & Doctors Offices, state regulations, staffing or marketing?  We would too. 

Our goal is to make your job as EASY as possible.  

Contact Us To Get Started; Here’s What You Can Expect:

We optimize your website, Google search appearance, as well as business listings like Yelp so clients not only find you but call, click & come on in.

We help you build valuable packages, programs upsells, & cross-sells your clients will truly benefit from and will generate you not only more revenue per client, but recurring revenue every month.

We give you the strategy to differentiate yourself & get more clients from social media.

We help you increase client reviews, boost your online presence & more.  We understand the Customer Journey and help position your Spa to attract & convert clients every step of the way.

We Tell You Where Your Competitors Are Getting Clients Online.  Then, Help You Do It Better!


Getting Started is Easy:

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We ALSO Increase The Net Worth Of Your Spa By Adding Value


Every business is unique and no two projects are the same.  We realize you’re investing in your business so we offer bespoke services tailored to your project, developed to deliver the largest return on your investment.  We’re happy to quote pricing upon discussing your project. 


Source Approach, created a fabulous website for me, highly user friendly and patiently taught me how to work with it. But it didn’t end there. He continues to coach me in ways to create more business, attract more on-line attention, nudge me to blog and use social media—all showing that he actually cares that my business does well. I feel like I am in great hands with a highly skilled person and company who takes my business and its growth seriously. 

 – Brooke Becker, Owner Chi Longevity Center