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Do Your Research and Have a Business Plan and / or Pitch Deck

Know Your Costs: How Much Capital You Need, How Much It Costs To Produce Your Idea, Etc. 

Read This Blog Post First: How To Pitch Investors in 4 EASY Steps

We can help you prepare & succeed.  Click this link:  Fundraising Consulting

We’re Successful Entrepreneurs Who Understand The Inventors Journey & Can Help Fund Your Invention

Would you agree, that you’re not just looking for funding, you’re looking for a partnership, with people you can trust, who have been where you are & who can help guide you to where you want to go?  We would too!  

We are a group of invention investors who fund inventions because we believe in innovation & have grown successful businesses of our own.

PLUS, we have a lot more to offer than just invention investing & invention funding.  Our connections & expertise span across many industries, making your path to success much easier.  You’ll get the support you deserve.  


Simply fill out the form, or give us a call: 716-616-0136 to tell us about your goals, where you are now and where you want to go.  Then, we’ll work on getting you there.


Source Approach has worked extensively with Kloss, Stenger & LoTempio across a wide range of consulting assignments.  We were so impressed with their expertise, project management skills & enthusiasm that their role has expanded.  Source Approach’s suggestions are like a breath of fresh air. 

 – Vincent LoTempio, Registered Patent Attorney, Kloss Stenger & LoTempio

Invention Investors
Invention Investors
Invention Investors
Invention Investors
Invention Investors
Invention Investors