How To Increase Sales on Amazon [UPDATED 2019]

How To Increase Sales on Amazon

How To Increase Sales on Amazon


Selling on Amazon is like hand to hand combat.  Saying it’s tough is an understatement of an understatement.

I’ve been selling on Amazon myself & working with clients for 10 years and if one thing is for sure, getting your initial footing is one thing, but increasing sales on Amazon and building that consistent sales velocity is a whole other story.

That’s why I put together this in-depth guide of action items you can use TODAY to increase sales on Amazon quickly.

I’ve included 8 proven tactics here that I’ve put together in 10 years of selling on Amazon.



  1. Amazon SEO – How to get your products found in Amazon product search results.
  2. Amazon Advertising – How to take paid traffic now and turn it into long-term free traffic & sales.
  3. Amazon Keyword Research – Learn how to find what keywords to use in your product listings to help customers find your products.
  4. Amazon Referral Traffic – How to get traffic from other sites to come to Amazon and buy your products.
  5. Amazon Listing Optimization – How to improve your product listings to get as many sales as possible.
  6. Amazon ReviewsProven tactics to help you get Amazon reviews.
  7. Amazon Product Images – Learn how to level up your images to drive sales on Amazon.
  8. Amazon Promotions – Learn what types of promotions will get you more sales & significantly improve your visibility on Amazon.


Okay, onto How To Increase Sales on Amazon

AMAZON SALES TACTIC 1:   AMAZON SEO – Amazon Search Engine Optimization


Amazon SEO is the tactic of optimizing your Amazon seller account and product listings to be visible in Amazon's a9 search algorithm.  In other words, getting found at the top of Amazon product search results. 


We all want more traffic from Amazon product searches right?  I think we can agree that as an Amazon seller it’s the dream for this sequence to happen:


  1. The customer arrives on Amazon and types in “what your product does” into Amazon’s search bar.
  2. Your product shows up in at the top of the search results
  3. The customer clicks on your product.
  4. The customer likes what they see on your listing and buys your product.


Amazon SEO is the tactic of optimizing your Amazon seller account and product listings to be visible in Amazon’s a9 search algorithm.  In other words, getting found at the top of Amazon product search results with the goal of increasing sales on Amazon.  It’s also a great way to reduce your ACoS on Amazon ads, by getting FREE traffic.

How do you do this?

Well there are 25 factors that I go in depth about in Amazon SEO:  Everything You Need To Know [INFOGRAPHIC] but here is the rundown:

  • Identify what keywords customers are using to find your products.
  • Use them in your product title, main bullet points, A+ content and long description.
    • NOTE:  There is no benefit to using them more than once.
  • Optimize your listings with great imagery and sales copy that makes your customers want to buy (THIS IS AN ART) so your customers actually buy because if they continually visit your listing and NOT buy, then Amazon will shove your listing farther and farther down the product search results.
  • Make sure you are getting lots of reviews and consistently.  You don’t want them coming in waves, Amazon looks for consistency here.  Get systems in place to get reviews on the regular.
  • If you’re an Amazon Seller Central Seller, make sure you are getting positive Seller Feedback.
  • Make sure you have a Good Amazon Sales Rank.

Now that you’ve leveled up your seller account and listing, you’ll want to make sure you keep that sales velocity up.


AMAZON SALES TACTIC 2:  Amazon Advertising


Amazon Marketing Services is Amazon's advertising platform for Amazon Seller Central sellers and Amazon Vendor Central sellers.  


The intention here is to make sure you have steady, interested traffic coming to your Amazon product listings so they BUY which keeps your Amazon Sales Rank up which in turns will help your Amazon SEO which we just talked about.

Amazon Marketing Services is Amazon’s advertising platform for Amazon Seller Central sellers and Amazon Vendor Central sellers.

AMS is a pay per performance/pay per click advertising platform similar to Google’s Ads or Facebook Advertising.

There are 3 ways to advertise on AMS.


1:  Amazon Sponsored Product Ads


Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are pay per click product placement listings at the top and within search results that appear to blend into normal search results.


Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are pay per click product placement listings at the top and within search results that appear to blend into normal search results.

They have an indicator of Sponsored but are intended to appear as organic product search results.

Where do Sponsored Product Ads appear?:



  • Below search results
  • On product detail pages


  • Above, alongside and below search results
  • On product detail pages

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are typically the best converting because customers are at the end of their customer journey and buying cycle which means:

  • They’ve done their product research
  • Selected a product
  • Are ready to buy

2:  Amazon Headline Search Ads


Amazon headline Search Ads are keyword selected ads that are only available to vendor central sellers that appear at the top of Amazon product searches.  


Amazon headline Search Ads are keyword selected ads that appear at the top of Amazon product searches.

Qualifications to run Amazon Headline Ads are:

  • Have at least 3 products
  • Be registered in Amazon Brand Registry

You can send Amazon Headline ad traffic to:

  • An AMS brand page
  • A best-selling product
  • A custom URL (made of three parent products)

These are top of funnel type ads to build brand and product awareness because the types of potential customers that click on these ads aren’t necessarily ready to buy, more so they are looking to discover and learn more about products.


3: Amazon Product Display Ads


Amazon product display ads are interest or product targeted ads that appear on your or your competitors' product listings.


Amazon product display ads are interest or product targeted ads that appear on your or your competitors’ product listings.

Product display ads are only available for Amazon Vendor Central sellers at this time.


AMAZON SALES TACTIC 3:  Keyword Research


Organic keywords are a stark contrast from PPC. Keywords are used to attract FREE traffic through SEO.


Organic keywords are a stark contrast from PPC.

Keywords are used to attract FREE traffic through SEO.

In order to increase sales on Amazon, you should establish a strong keyword strategy to make sure your products are found, long-term, for the keywords your customers are using to BUY your products.

Thinking about what your customers are typing into the Amazon product search bar is where you want to start.

  • As you are thinking about your topic, think like the customer. What does your audience want to know about your niche?
    • Write many variances of articles/blogs per topic because you’re more likely to be found helpful and you’ll come across as a trustworthy professional. Congruently, leading to a closed deal.
  • Keyword phrases- These are what will make you rank on the SERPs (search engine results page).
    • brainstorm keywords phrases that are similar to your topic.  Substitute the underlined words with your own.
      • How to get organic traffic using SEO, what is Amazon SEO, what is the best chicken and rice recipe of 2017.
    • There is an AMAZING and detailed tool from AMZ Tracker. It will tell you how well your keywords are ranking and what your competitor is using in comparison.
      •  Defensive strategies are in place so that you know right away if there is a negative review or if a seller tries to highjack your listing!
  • Research what your website is already getting found for. Use web analytics software to analyze traffic sources and identify what keywords people are using to get to your site currently.
    • This will give you a clue to adjust your current method if you’re being found for unrelatable terms
  • A simple first step is to take advantage of the related search terms that appear after you’ve typed in the phrase during a Google search. (it’s at the bottom of the page)
    • Type in those related terms and look at your competitions related search terms. Think deep and get creative!


Did you know that Amazon also actually GIVES YOU the keywords and some suggestions themselves?  Check this out:


Amazon SEO - Go to the Amazon Search Field Start Entering an Amazon Keyword or Your Product Look at the Drop Down List



See that?  You’ve typed in the main keywords for your product, in this case a “oneplus 5T case” and Amazon has shown you “suggestions” on what else to search for.


See the power in those suggestions?  They’re keywords that your customers themselves are using to find your product!


If you want to increase sales on Amazon, definitely don’t leave this low hanging fruit on the vine.  Take what they give you.


But there’s more…


AMAZON SALES TACTIC 4:  Referral Traffic



Did you know that Amazon keeps track of everyone you send from OFF Amazon, onto Amazon, to your product listings?

Then, they use that to determine the demand for your product.

Then, they use THAT to determine how prominently they should display your product in Amazon product searches.

A great way to increase sales on Amazon while also improving your Amazon SEO is to send as many people as possible TO your Amazon listings.  If you’re interested in the 25 factors that Amazon uses for Amazon SEO, I’ve made it super easy to read, digest & take action on here:  Amazon SEO Everything You Need To Know

So, what are some great sources of Amazon Referral Traffic?


  • Social Media:
    • It goes without saying that you should be telling your social media following about your great Amazon products 10% of the time as a part of your social media strategy, but did you know you can run social media ads to your Amazon listings?
  • Social Media Ads:
    • Well, you can, but you shouldn’t!
    • INSTEAD, you should send them to a landing page on your website, collect their info, THEN send them to your Amazon listing.
      • This enables you to capture their email, remarket to them later, etc.
        • You can’t place Google Tags, Facebook Pixels or Pinterest Tags on Amazon listings.
  • Email:
    • Speaking of capturing their email, the size of your email list will directly relate to how well you’re able to increase sales on Amazon.
  • Bloggers:
    • Make friends with the blogging community in and around your niche and make sure they recommend your products on Amazon.
  • YouTube:
    • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  That makes it a great place to promote your Amazon products to increase your Amazon sales.
      • Relationship building here is key.
      • You could also start your own YouTube channel around your niche and build up a huge base of Amazon customers.  I can help with that actually.  I am a top rated  YouTube Consultant.
  • Influencers
      • Folks on Instagram, YouTube, anyone with a blog as mentioned above, they are all influencers who are likely a part of the Amazon Associates Program.
      • That means, they’re already linking to products on Amazon to earn a commission.  May as well be yours!


Did you know that Amazon also tracks Time on Page, Bounce Rate and something called Amazon Exit Rate?

What does that mean for you?


Amazon Consulting - The Source Approach


Well, you’ve got some great tactics now to send people to Amazon, but you better make sure that they don’t leave your listing immediately and definitely not exit Amazon.


Amazon uses your conversion rates, the time a visitor spends on your Amazon listing, their bounce rate and if they leave Amazon all together to determine how visible your products should be in Amazon product search results.

The good news?

You have control over this.  Here’s how…


AMAZON SALES TACTIC 5:  Amazon Listing Optimization




Amazons a9 algorithm is how Amazon decides to show products in Amazon product search results.

Keeping it simple, it boils down to forecasting future sales.

You can think about it like this:

“If I (Amazon) show this product to you (the customer) when you search using this query (keyword), will it result in you (the customer) clicking on the product and buying.”

If Amazon can predict that your product will sell, it will show it to customers.  It’s that simple.

There are 25 factors taken into account.  19 On Listing Factors and 6 Seller Account Factors.  Learn more here:  Amazon SEO Everything You Need To Know

This is where Amazon Listing Optimization comes into play.



Amazon Consultant - 10 Years Experience - Top Rated - The Source Approach


How to increase sales on Amazon With Amazon Listing Optimization:

As I mentioned, there are 25 factors total, but for the crash course, you will want to focus on these elements:

  • Keywords:  Make sure you include keywords that folks are actually searching for with buyer intent.
  • Product Title:  Besides adding keywords to your title, you will want to make sure it is benefit driven and focuses on highlighting how it solves the customers pain point.
  • Images:  More on this later, but 6 is your magic number.
  • Bullet Points:  Structure your bullet points to focus on the main benefits first and then focus on limiting buyer risk.
  • Product Description:  Delve deeper into features, specifications & more benefits.
  • Reviews:  Quantity and quality is the key here.  Customers won’t even click on your listings and give you a chance without enough reviews.  We’ll delve into this more.
  • Enhanced Branded Content:  Getting Brand Registered on Amazon is important for many reasons, but Enhanced Branded Content is one of them.  This allows you to build something resembling a landing page to showcase your product and help increase sales on Amazon.


Still, the first step in increasing Amazon sales is getting potential customers to click on your listings.

I mentioned crafting a great title above, but the main driving factor behind click through rates on Amazon are product reviews.


AMAZON SALES TACTIC 6:  Amazon Reviews




I don’t need to convince you that getting Amazon reviews will help you increase sales on Amazon.

We all shop on Amazon and know it is one of the main purchasing decision factors.

BUT, did you know there are 2 types of reviews that you need to get on Amazon to increase your products visibility in search engines which in turn will increase your Amazon sales?

There are product reviews AND seller reviews.

You’re after both.

In my experience, the following are some of the best tactics I’ve been able to use to get Amazon reviews, both Seller & Product:




  • Product Inserts:  While you can’t ask for a postive review or direct customers away from Amazon, you CAN ask for an honest review.  Product inserts are one of the most effective ways to get seller & product feedback while also building a relationship with your customer and limiting buyer remorse.
  • Email Follow Up Software:  If you’re a Seller Central Seller, then you’re in luck.  True, Amazon doesn’t give you access to the emails of the customers who buy from you, but you can still email them asking for Seller Feedback and Product Feedback through 3rd party software.  I prefer to use:  Jump Send.
  • Packaging:  You probably weren’t expecting to see this one here but it’s been tested over the years.  When you have cheap, no frills packaging (I’m not talking about an elegant, minimalist design like Google or Apple) you get less product reviews and seller feedback.  Why?  Buyer Remorse.  Customers relate poor packaging to a lesser value brand, which in turn, a lesser value product experience.  Thus, less worthy of a review, more so, more worthy of a negative review if warranted.
  • Product Quality:  Honestly, this one I know is a no brainer but it goes without saying your product needs to inspire a review as well as their experience with you as a company.


If you’re interested in all of the tactics I recommend for getting Amazon reviews, you’re in luck, give this a read when you’re done here:  How To Get Reviews on Amazon Quickly & Easily

That being said, I mentioned Product Images were important, so much so that I gave it it’s own section.


AMAZON SALES TACTIC 7:  Amazon Product Images



I noted above that your magic number is 6 for product images in terms of quantity.

This is for Amazon SEO but also, you need enough images to be able to accomplish the following:


  • Highlight Benefits:  While showing your products from the most important angles, you will also want to key in on important benefits to the customer.
  • Answer Questions:  This often gets overlooked, but if your products often get particular questions, or you see competitor products getting certain questions on their listings, focus on them with product images so it is obvious to the customer.
  • Objection Handle:  A picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand words is a lot of objection handling and selling!  If you know you need to overcome certain obstacles to sell your product, take care of those in the imagery.
  • Show Emotion:  Getting lifestyle images (pictures of the real world use of your product, not set against a white background) are paramount to increase sales on Amazon, but if you want to level that up even farther, get images of people using your products and showcasing the emotion of them using it, overcoming their pain point or problem.


So, what do you do with your listings after you’ve optimized them?


AMAZON SALES TACTIC 8:  Amazon Promotions



Consistently increasing your Amazon Sales Rank through use of Promotions is a great way to increase your visibility in Amazon product searches, which in turn helps you increase sales on Amazon.

Promotions work best when distributed to an existing audience such as an email list, blog, YouTube or social media following.


Additionally, Amazon has opened an Outlet Deals marketplace just for deals, similar to Jungle Market or VIPON where sellers can offer deep discounts of 50% or more to increase sales velocity and keep a good BSR.


Additionally, Amazon has opened an Outlet Deals marketplace just for deals, similar to Jungle Market or VIPON where sellers can offer deep discounts of 50% or more to increase sales velocity and keep a good BSR.

From where I sit, the following promotion methods are tried and true:




  • Money off Promotion
    •  This works by a dollar off amount or percentage off amount and can be claimed by:
      • Claim Codes
      • Quantity
  • Free Shipping
    • Amazon sales increase with this option too. You can set specific conditions so that the buyer is eligible for the options.
    • Buy 3 product or spend $40 or more for free shipping. Don’t forget to add a nice note to reach out if they’re unhappy before giving a review
  • Best deal promotions: it appears on “Today’s Deals” and can run for up to two weeks.
    • Feature your entire catalog as discounts. Clients will click on the offering and then they’ll be directed to all of your offered discounts within the Best deal.
    • Allows additional visibility on “Today’s Deals” and you can use the Amazon Marketing Services campaign to maximize your visibility on SERPs.


  • Lightning deals are available in Vendor Central and Seller Central platforms.
    • It offers 6 hours of a promotion of 20% or more. It gives the most visibility on the “Today’s Deals” page.
  • Coupon Landing Page (CLP):
    • CLP’s are great for off-site marketing campaigns.
    • Use on social media or in emails
    • Drives more traffic to your page.




Truth is, increasing sales on Amazon doesn’t come from one tactic, rather a combination of many.

Everyone’s situation will be different in terms of budget, margins & product selection but I’ve found you want to increase sales on Amazon, you want to make sure you start with your on listing optimization as that’s where you convert a customer and work outward.

Don’t bother sending a lot of people to an Amazon Product Listing that isn’t optimized for conversions otherwise you’re just throwing bad money after good.

If you need help with anything you’ve read here, I’m happy to make things quicker & easier for you.

Having great products and not selling is agonizing.  Dominating competitors and selling through inventory is intensely gratifying.

I’m a top-rated Amazon Consultant with 10+ years of experience that can help you level up on Amazon in a hurry.