How To Get Business Reviews [QUICKLY]

Getting business reviews is hard & negative reviews hurt your business. Quickly & easily get business reviews with this dead simple method. Increase positive reviews fast & help limit negative reviews for less than the cost of your monthly streaming service.

How To Get Business Reviews Quickly

Seems straightforward right?  But really, it’s much more than just getting more business reviews.  

But really, this article is about getting more positive reviews & helping limit negative reviews in a dead simple way for less than the cost of your monthly streaming service.

Seriously, keep reading.

TLWR:  How To Get Business Reviews

For the too long won’t read crowd, here is what you’re going to learn in this article:

  • How to get business reviews
  • Just how bad having negative reviews or very few reviews hurts your business
  • How business reviews affect your visibility in local business search results

Let’s do it…

How To Get Business Reviews Quickly & Easily:

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I know right?

How about the fact that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much or more than a personal referral.  I know, right?!!!

The Customer Journey of your customer shows that at the Measure phase, they use reviews to gauge the value in your business.  If you don’t have any or don’t have good reviews, they won’t even give you a chance.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve already identified how important customer reviews are and you want to get right to the good stuff, the action items you can do right now.

ASK FOR THE BUSINESS REVIEW: This seems like a no-brainer but stick with me. Since I'm a strategy consultant when I go into businesses as a customer, I am always analyzing what they are doing or not doing to facilitate business or more business.


This seems like a no-brainer but stick with me.

Since I’m a digital marketing consultant and an eCommerce consultant when I go into businesses as a customer, I am always analyzing what they are doing or not doing to facilitate business.  Imagine t his as real-life Conversion Rate Optimization.

So I am always checking out things like:

  • Did they ask me to leave a review?
  • Did they ask me to refer anyone?
  • What did they do to get me to come back?
  • What upsells & tripwire sales do they have?
  • What does their value ladder look like?

What do I always find?  Most businesses don’t have any of that or do any of that and honestly, they’re not that sophisticated when it comes to selling & efficiency.

But you know what?  That’s because they’re experts at WHAT THEY DO and that’s okay.

But you know what else?  When it comes to reviews, you often see the dreaded:  “feedback card”

I one time went into a restaurant, a restaurant at a winery to be specific and was given a feedback card and wrote on it all the ways they could increase recurring revenue, get customer reviews, etc.

I gave them extremely valuable feedback, way more than just “the steak was okay.”

Did anything ever happen with that?  Nope.

You know what happens to feedback cards?  They’re filed somewhere with the trash and tossed out.

They’re dead data.  No one sees them.  ESPECIALLY YOUR CUSTOMERS!

What is the moral of this story?  DON’T DO PAPER MEDIA REAL LIFE FEEDBACK CARDS.  Plus, I hate writing anything with pens, it sucks.

The idea is, when you’re getting business reviews, you want your customer reviews to be where customers CAN SEE THEM.

There is this concept called social proof or also known as the Tribe mentality.  People want to feel like they belong to something and they go along with what others do more or less.

The MEASURE phase of your customer’s customer journey is where they vet businesses that offer what they need and star reviews are the #1 way they do that.

Point being, you don’t want to hide your reviews away somewhere, you want them front and center where customers are most likely to LOCATE you.

Customers don’t find you in your filing cabinet.  They find you on the internet on sites like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Zomato, Avvo, Angie’s List, etc.

You want your reviews to appear front & center where people can find you.  Period.

So, build something into your waiters, cashiers, clerks, paralegals, receptionists, YOUR endpoint discussion (the last touch point you have with the customer after you’ve completed the transaction) asking the customer for a review.

Don’t just hang signs up around the place.  Seriously, it’s a cool visual cue but honestly, no one takes action on that.  People are too busy.

Think about your own life and when the last time you saw a sign and did it.

Nope.  No you didn’t.  Head straight to the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap because you just lied!


Keep it simple stupid!  Don’t make me think!  You apply this to everything right?  It’s like Old Bay seasoning, you put it on everything!

When presented with many options, people will often choose none.  Paralysis by analysis.

“Review me on Yelp, Google & Facebook, or pick one, it’s up to you, whatever is easier for you, you know?”

It’s a mouthful.

First, deciding where you NEED the review is one thing, if you don’t have any reviews anywhere, take anything you can get, but if you need reviews on Yelp, ask for a Yelp review, if you need reviews on Facebook, ask for those!

If you’re an attorney, don’t forget Avvo!

If you’re a contractor, don’t forget Angie’s list!

Keep your review request extremely simple or the likelihood of them actually doing it is slim to none.

eCommerce Consulting - The Source Approach

Even better?

Make it easy on them by giving them one link that can take them to the review site that’s most beneficial for you and easiest for them.

More on this later.


  • Rely on the signage around your place
  • Hand someone a paper card
  • Expect they’ll do it because you gave them such amazing service
  • Tell them to leave you a review on a site no one ever goes to


  • Remind them multiple times
  • Remind them how important it is to your business
  • Ask them after you’ve completed the purchase and they are most likely to be pleased with you and it is fresh on their mind
  • Give them a simple link in their email or text where they can go and leave reviews on all the major review sites, easily & quickly.

Not having business reviews hurts you badly. Customers won't click on your local listing if you do not have reviews or have negative reviews.NOT GETTING BUSINESS REVIEWS HURTS YOU… BADLY

This isn’t something you want to ignore.  I’m serious, here’s why people are conditioned to see stars!

It’s true, people see stars when scrolling through local business listings like on Yelp, Google etc.  If they don’t see stars, or see enough stars, they keep scrolling.  You know you do it yourself.

What does this mean for you?  

Your mission is clear, if you don’t have many reviews, any reviews or poor reviews, you need to focus up on reputation management.

Think about it…

You are managing the reputation of your business, quite literally.  It’s like this, you know you create the most amazing landscapes or make the best chicken parm, or distill the smoothest whiskey, or give pain-free dentistry but you don’t want the attitude of…

“I’m the best around and if people were to come in and check us out, they’d know.”

Guess what?

THEY WON’T CHECK YOU OUT if you don’t give them a reason to.

That reason?

Star reviews aka; business reviews.  You need to take your reputation into your own hands.

Don’t leave it to chance either.

You need a system to gauge the temperament of your customer before they leave a review.  If they are positive, great, let them leave a review.  If negative?  Don’t you want the opportunity to fix it or turn that customer who’s had a poor experience into a brand evangelist?

Seems logical right?

Not having reviews makes it difficult for people to find you online.


For those saying, “why does it matter if people leave me a review?  Who cares?” — guess what?  You’re hurting the visibility of your business online.

Yep, you’re making it harder for people to find your amazing crepe’s or accounting services or chiropractic services.

You see, there is this thing called Click Through Rate, CTR.

Search engines measure how many people see your listing vs. how many people click on it.

The more people that click on it, the more signals are sent to said search engine that your listing provides value to the searcher.

The more value you provide to a searcher, the more you will be displayed online.

So you’re probably asking:



Business reviews!

Your customer is conditioned to seeing star ratings attributed to businesses & products thanks to Amazon & Yelp so you have to play along.

The more stars you have and the more ratings you have, the higher your click-through rate will be.  You see…

We talked about the Customer Journey a little earlier and this diredtly influences the Locate & Measure phases of how your customer decides to purchase from a business.

I’ve said it a few times through this article but it’s true, write this down:

Customers won’t even give you a chance if you don’t have reviews or have negative reviews.

Pro Business Review - Get Business Reviews Quickly & Easily


Remember earlier when I mentioned the best system you could have is a system where:

  • It makes it easy on the customer to leave a review
  • It sends them to the review sites that benefit you the most
  • It gauges the temperament of the customer PRIOR to them leaving a review online for everyone to see
  • If it’s poor, the feedback is sent to YOU to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • If it’s positive, they can easily click through to the review site that’s easiest for them to leave a review and benefits you the most.

Well, that’s exactly what Pro Business Review does.

We’ve been working with local businesses for years and we also have been beating the drum of “you need to get more business reviews” for years too.

But, we often get pushback or questions:

  • “It’s hard to get business reviews.”
  • “I don’t know where to send them.”
  • “I ask and they never do it.”
  • “People just say what they want, I get negative reviews yet I deliver amazing service.”
  • “Does it really matter?”


Pro Business Review does just that.

It lets you protect the reputation of your business for less than the cost of your monthly streaming service.  

Here is How Pro Business Review Works:

  1. You sign up.  It’s a $99 one time fee and $9.99 a month.
  2. You get a review acquisition page with an easy to use link that’s all yours, with your logo, etc.   You get unlimited use.
  3. You give your link out to your customers via text, email, any way you communicate with them.
  4. You even get a badge to put on your website and email that makes it easy for them to review you.
  5. Customers go to your link, they are presented with an option.  5 stars or 1 star, thumbs up or thumbs down?
  6. If they choose thumbs up, great!  Then they can review you at the review sites that matter most for you.
  7. If they choose thumbs down, they are taken to a feedback form where they can explain their concern and it SENDS TO YOU.

You see the power in this right?

You get more positive business reviews & help prevent or limit negative business reviews.

You are making it simple for the customer to leave you a positive review.

If they indicate they weren’t happy, you’re preventing a potential misunderstanding or something you need to explain to hit the internet as an unnecessary negative review.

Plus, it’s a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost of expensive reputation management services.

Here is a DEMO.

Your link looks like this:

Your badge that you display on your website and in your email signature looks like this:

Useful Tips To Get More Business Reviews With Pro Business Review:

  • Send the customer your review link right after you’ve delivered on your transaction.  They are most likely to be happy and motivated to leave you a review.
  • Put the badge on the sidebar and footer of your website so customers can easily find it.
  • Put the badge in your email signature so they can easily take action from your email.  Remember, keep it simple!
  • Have a system in place to collect customer email addresses or phone numbers for text messages.  It’s easy to send out your link that way.  You need a mechanism in which to communicate and keep the conversation going with the customer after they left your store / building etc.

If you need help with this, we’re here.  We’re experts in the customer journey and can help you stand out in local search engine results.  Contact us for some Local SEO help, or don’t, it’s up to you.  We’re here.


  • Ask for business reviews.
  • Keep it simple, don’t give the customer too many options.
  • Make sure your’e getting reviews on the review sites that matter most for your business, not just any review site.
  • Not having enough reviews or having negative reviews causes the potential customer to not even give you a chance.
  • Not having enough reviews or having negative reviews causes you to be invisible on local search results.
  • Get Pro Business Review to protect the reputation of your business for less than the cost of your monthly streaming service.
  • Eat less gluten.