Behavioral Economics Consulting

Sell Smarter, Not Harder.  Operate More Efficiently by Understanding the Psychological, Social, Cognitive & Emotional Motivations of Your Target Demographic. 

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How Behavioral Economics Helps You Sell More Effectively

Comprehensively Understand Why your Customers behave they way they do.

Increase the value and return of your marketing efforts and spending

Significantly Improve your customer engagement and relationships

Tremendously broaden the Appeal of Your Brand, Products or Services


Logos, Media Kits & Brand Guidelines

Marketing Plans, Brand & Marketing Strategy 

Social & Online Presence Strategy

Reputation Management & Much More

Make Your Brand Memorable & Trusted To Attract & Engage Loyal Customers

Would you agree, that understanding your customer’s journey — how they discover, locate, measure, and purchase your products or services dictates the success of any brand?  Taking into account things like color psychology, brand message, verbiage, fonts & much more factors into your customers purchasing decisions?  We would too!  

We understand the customer journey and are uniquely suited to help you build your brand & marketing strategy.  We work with you on identifying the largest quantities of customers most likely to make a purchase, how to appeal to them, how to reach them, how to convert them and much more.  

We work directly with you on tailoring a unique strategy that effectively and efficiently appeals to your target audience. 

Sell Smarter, Not Harder.


Simply fill out the form, or give us a call: 716-616-0136 to tell us about your goals, where you are now and where you want to go.  Then, we’ll work on getting you there.


Every business is unique and no two projects are the same.  We offer bespoke services tailored to your project and developed to deliver the largest return on your investment, within your budget.  We’re happy to quote pricing upon discussing your project. 


Source Approach has worked extensively with Kloss, Stenger & LoTempio across a wide range of consulting assignments.  We were so impressed with their expertise, project management skills & enthusiasm that their role has expanded.  Source Approach’s suggestions are like a breath of fresh air. 

 – Vincent LoTempio, Registered Patent Attorney, Kloss Stenger & LoTempio

Behavioral Economics Consulting
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Behavioral Economics Consulting
Behavioral Economics Consulting
Behavioral Economics Consulting