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Your invention is the culmination of your hard work & passion.  Now you’re ready to show it to the world.  We support, enable, & empower inventors by helping market your invention, sell online, & test your idea while growing a successful business.   

  • You’ve invented a product or are in the process of doing so.  You want to have the most effective product launch possible or begin ramping up the marketing of your invention.  You want to sell and market your invention online, make a great impression to retail buyers, and be visible and appealing in all the places people will want to find your invention such as search engines, marketplaces, social media, Amazon, and more.  

Invention Marketing Pricing

    • You sell your product through your own eCommerce website and you want it managed for you to make sure your website stays up, updated, secure, and selling.
    • You also sell your product on Amazon and want help optimizing your product listing for maximum visibility, as well as monthly analysis on how to sell more on Amazon.
    • Your product is also available on another eCommerce marketplace such as Google Shopping or Jet and you need help managing that and growing sales as well.
    • You also have started an email marketing list and you want it to grow and be effective for you. 

SAVE $500!

Save $500 when paying annually!
  • Everything from the previous package PLUS:

    • You want a meaningful and impactful presence on social media and you intend to run ads on social media.
    • You also want help managing an affiliate program where you get other companies or people who are established online to refer and sell your product for you.
    • You also want to recruit and manage influencers, those with large followings on social media, YouTube, blogs, and more who have influence over their followers to recommend and promote your product for you.  

SAVE $500!

Save $500 when paying annually!
  • Everything from the previous packages PLUS:

    • You want your product to rank in the search engines above your competition and be visible for the keywords people may use to search for your product.
    • You may intend to run some advertisements on search engines like Google or Bing to drive customers to your website to buy your invention.
    • You may have filmed a few product videos for your invention and you want them to rank (be visible) in YouTube for keywords related to your invention so people can see how it works, what it does, and why it’s amazing, then you want them directed to where they can buy easily.

SAVE $500!

Save $500 when paying annually!

Invention Help Pricing

    • You have your idea, you have started the patent process, and you have started the manufacturing process of your invention.  Your product is likely at the production stage, where you have already had your prototype, and you’re getting ready to launch.  
    • Your number one priority is to save money by avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes by having an impactful product launch.
    • You want help assessing your competition, you want to know what channels your product will do best on, you want to identify your exact target customer, you want help with your business plan, and you may want help attracting and attaining investor funding.  
    • You want to cast your product in the best light from day one to potential retail buyers to maximize your chances of landing retail partnerships.   

SAVE $500!

Save $500 when signing up for one of our Invention Marketing packages.

We Understand The Inventors Journey

Would you agree, that you’ve poured your heart, time, money, & hard work into your invention & once people are able to see it, they would absolutely love it?  We would too.  We understand the needs of inventors so we’ve put together plans that focus on getting your invention into the market and growing a company that can attract investors, support future products, & much more. 

PLUS, we focus on getting you the biggest return on your investment month to month, because we know as an inventor, you’ve invested so much already & now you’re ready for your invention to take off.             


Simply fill out the form, or give us a call: 716-616-0136 to tell us about your goals, where you are now, and where you want to go.  We’ll make an easy to execute plan that will accomplish your goals and deliver results.

Looking for a Custom Invention Help and Marketing package?   Contact us today and we’ll be happy to build a custom invention help and marketing plan that meets your needs.  

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Who’s Taken The Source Approach:

Source Approach puts together a plan that works the first time.  As a result, my invention and our company Every Day Select LLC has experienced exponential growth.   Source Approach is very knowledgeable & trustworthy.  Look no further.   

 – Timothy PanicaliInventor Ouchie Cap, C.E.O. Every Day Select LLC.

Timothy Panicali - Inventor of the Ouchie Cap

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