Source Approach Inc.

We have a unique approach to online presence management.  We think all aspects  should integrate with the rest of your business & sales funnel, and not in a silo or ala carte.  

We’re uniquely suited to assist you with all areas of your online presence.

Consumers don’t just look in one place to make a purchasing decision about a company or a product.  Consumers purchasing decision criteria involves many factors when identifying value:


  • Are you easy to find?  Are you where your customers will look to find you? (Not just search engines)
  • Is your value proposition appealing to your target customers?
  • Is there social proof of the value of your product or service? (Reviews)
  • Do you have a website?  Does it do what you want it to do?  Does it inspire the user or lead to make a purchase?
  • Do you have a presence on social media indicating your commitment to the community revolving around your niche?  
  • Are you on the right social networks?  The one’s with the largest percentage of your target customers.
  • Are you constantly staying in front of your customers & potential customers so when it’s time for them to make a purchase, it’s you they think of?
  • & More

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or inventor, you know the importance of getting the biggest return on your investment while accomplishing your goals.  We tightly integrate our services into your existing business, making it easy to grow your revenue.

We work with you on all areas of your online presence to create highly effective sales funnels that convert leads into customers.

We believe that all areas of your online presence should work together and do not function as effectively by themselves.


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Located:  Buffalo, NY

From The Founder:

I started Source Approach because I knew there was a better way to provide online marketing services other than ala carte.  We have a unique approach to online presence management (OPM); we think it should integrate with your business, not in a silo.  Our approach is to identify & make you effective on the channels that will generate the most revenue.

We’re uniquely suited to assist companies with ALL areas of their online presence; from developing websites and mobile applications, to search engine optimization, YouTube marketing, and everything in between.

Our goal is to enable and empower businesses, entrepreneurs, and inventors with the ability to grow and thrive well beyond what they thought their resources were capable of through targeted & integrated online presence management.  

We’ll work with you to build a plan specific to your business as we understand each business is unique, and then execute on that plan to achieve your goals.”

 Tanner Rankin, Founder & CEO – Source Approach INC. – Online Presence Management

William Tanner Rankin - Source Approach CEO & Founder